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Jet 1 TabberJet 1 Tabber


Meet all your requirements for tabbing, labeling, stamp or decal affixing with the Secap Jet 1 Tabber. Easy to set up and operate in-line or off-line with the highest productivity for today's mailing professionals. Its superb design and engineering combined with Secap's first class support insures your company years of reliable production.

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T-2000 TabberT-2000 Tabber

The T-2000 tabber is a heavy duty tabletop tabber designed to run off-line or in-line with fixed head desktop printers or production mail tables. Offers superior material handling with precise tab placement on a variety of media sizes and thicknesses.






FD290 TabberFD290 Tabber

The FD 290 Crash and Edge 90-Degree Tabbing System combines the
FD 280 Double-Head Edge Tabber and FD 260 Single-Head Crash Tabber for one-pass
tabbing of booklets and virtually all other tabbing jobs. The FD 290 applies
edge and top tabs in a single pass, processing up to 15,000 pieces per hour. It
has the unique ability to easily change between 1” and 1.5” tabs, simply by
flipping a switch, plus, tabs can be fed fan-folded or from rolls for higher

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FD280 TabberFD280 Tabber

The FD 280 Double-Head Edge Tabbing System applies multiple
edge tabs per piece in various positions, processing more than 15,000 pieces per
hour. With user-friendly controls, it has the ability to change between 1” and
1.5” tabs simply by flipping a switch.

A variety of tab stocks can be
used, including clear, translucent and paper. Built-in waste take-up spools
reduce down time, and for increased efficiency, tabs can be fed fan-folded or
from rolls for higher volume. The FD 280 can also be used in-line with other
tabletop labelers, feeders, printers and folders including the Formax FD 342, FD
382 and FD 38X.

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FD260 TabberFD260 Tabber

The Formax FD 260 Tabbing System makes quick work of applying postal tabs to
folded mail pieces. The base unit is available with an optional Feeder and Output

With postal regulations changing, having a dependable and
efficient tabber can make your mailings compliant with very little effort. The
FD 260 tabs up to 15,000 pieces per hour, using a variety of tab stocks
including clear, translucent and paper, in sizes from 1” to 1.5”. The built-in
waste take-up spool reduces down-time.

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W360 TabberW360 Tabber

The W360 tabber is a heavy duty dual head tabletop tabber designed to apply tabs to multiple sides of the mail piece in a single pass. Offers superior material handling with precise tab placement on a variety of media sizes and thicknesses.

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Conveyors and Dryers

TCD 72TCD 72

The Secap TCD 72 is a powerful conveyor/ drying solution ideal for desktop printers. The integrated high capacity fans provide excellent control of media on the perforated transport belt. The 2000-watt dryer improves the drying speed of HP ink on a variety of materials including glossy and coated stocks.

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TC 48TC 48

The Secap TC 48 conveyor features two, high capacity vacuum fans that stabilize material on the conveyor. This helps control the registration and transport of difficult media. In addition, the unique and flexible design of the TC 48 make it adaptable to meet your transport and drying needs.

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TC 36TC 36


The TC 36 desktop conveyor is an excellent complement to desktop printers. Provides a convenient and hands-free method of stacking printed media.

                  • Variable speed for handling
                    different quality materials and printer speeds.
                  • Conveyor belts provide smooth transport of materials
                  • Adjustable drop tray for different sized materials
                  • Easy to set-up and install
                  • Dryer assist -ready
                  • Available in double length for media and applications requiring further time/heat for drying.