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USPS Rate Change Info

Welcome to our Rate Change Resource Hub.  We’ve created this page to assist our customers with all of the most common problems associated with rate updates and alleviate them with as little difficulty as possible. Below you’ll find resources for most of our machines including instructions and troubleshooting guides for updating your meter.

January 2018 Priority & 1st Class Parcel Chart

"Do I Need a Tracking Barcode?" Guide

Order USPS Label 400 Online (For USPS Packages)

Pitney Bowes Resources

Rate Update Instructions for DM100, DM200, DM225

Rate Update Instructions for DM300, DM400, DM475

Rate Update Instructions for DM500 to DM1100

Guide to Setting/Reseting Normal Presets on Pitney Bowes Meters

FP Resources

Ultimail Rate Update Instructions

Guide to Setting/Resetiing Ultimail Memory

Guide to Enabling Decimal Printing on FP Equipment


USPS Postal Refund Request Form

Below you'll find the link to a form for requesting a refund on misprinted postage. It should be noted that the "License Number Field" in Part 3 does not need to be filled in as the USPS no longer requires that information.

USPS Postal Refund Request Form