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Pressure Sealers





Our most compact and low volume piece of sealing equipment, the FD1200 is a reliable desktop machine. A standard pressure sealer built upon ease of operation, this machine comes with popular pre-marked folds on the fold plate and can process forms up to 14” in length.


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A step up in efficiency from the FD1200, this machine offers a higher speed of operation. It also builds upon the compact design of its predecessor and offers the same easy to use fold plate and ability to process forms of up to 14” in length. A perfect solution for low volume pressure-sealing needs.


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FD1500 & FD1500 Plus


A drastic step up in efficiency from its forebears makes the FD1500 a better fit for mid-volume pressure sealing needs. It maintains the compact table-top design and easy to use fold-plate and control panel of previous models while adding a resettable six-digit piece counter for ease of tracking jobs.


In addition to the standard model, the FD1500 can also be upgraded to the FD1500 Plus. This enhancement offers the addition of an integrated output conveyor, offering a more hands-free approach to your pressure sealing jobs.


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A powerful mid-volume desktop model, the FD2002 offers a plethora of features not seen in previous models. It has an increased volume feed-hopper that can hold up to 250 forms, while a paper jog control allows you to jog forms prior to running a job for an improved feed. And with the option to add an 18” conveyor, the FD2002 offers a low-maintenance and easy-to-use desktop pressure sealing solution.


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FD2002 In-Line System


This enhancement of the FD2002 allows your operator to print, fold, and seal your pressure sensitive documents all in one process, eliminating time loss and increasing mail-room efficiency. With the printer feeding directly into the pressure-sealer and unloading into either the standard output tray or the optional 18” conveyor-stacker, this desktop system makes your entire pressure sealing process nearly hands-free.


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Improving upon the innovations of earlier models, the FD2032 is reliable high-volume pressure-sealing solution still compact enough to remain on a desk top. With an increased hopper capacity (up to 350 forms) and feed speed, mailroom automation becomes far more efficient with this reliable workhorse.


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The FD2054 is the most ambitious and efficient of our desktop series of pressure sealers. This powerful model offers innovations such as 5 pre-programmed standard folds and the ability to store up to 35 custom fold settings all with the touch of a button, making operation easier than ever. And with an increased hopper capacity (up to 500 forms) and an integrated stacker that matches this capacity, this machine will make any pressure sealing operation smooth.


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The FD2094 is a production-level pressure sealing unit capable of processing forms at a whopping 28,000 forms per hour. It’s fully automated and uses a bottom air-feed system for continual loading of cut sheet forms. When used in conjunction with the FD 676 Maxi-Burster, the configuration becomes the FD2084 and is capable of separating, folding, and sealing continuous pressure-seal forms in-line while maintaining its integrity in efficiency.


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FD2200-10FD 2200-10 Standalone System


This standalone pressure sealing unit is one of our most powerful floor models and an ideal solution for some who is looking to add pressure-sealing capabilities to their current high capacity folding system. The ability to purchase this standalone unit greatly decreases the capital required to handle high-volume pressure-sensitive mailings. And with an operating speed of up to 40,000 forms per hour, this unit is almost second to none.


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FD2200 SeriesFD 2200 Series


The FD2200 series is comprised of four models of production level pressure sealers, all of which make use of the FD220-10 pressure-sealing unit and its astounding ability to process up to 40,000 forms per hour. All four of the models offer differing feed options, for flexibility in price as well as being able to meet the needs of many different types of mailers without compromising its efficiency.


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