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Address Printers

DA50-70 SeriesDA50/70 Series

Make your mail personal by creating envelopes and mail pieces that are visually appealing using graphics and personalized messages to increase the chances of your mail being opened and read.

Easy connection and setup with USB or Ethernet connection for faster downloads and easier connection. Innovative light mode printing offers proper resolution while using less ink and faster drying time. Shuttling head technology lets you print nearly anywhere on the envelope allowing you to print multiple layouts without having to change the printer setup. High speed, high quality and durable construction make this printer a favorite with professional mailers.

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DA80F & DA95FDA80F & DA95F

The DA80F/95F Series provide the ultimate solution for performance, quality and reliability from a proven desktop production system The DA80F/95F Series offers 3" of print using two 1 ½" print banks providing versatility in print setup and coverage. Add spot color for an eye-catching message and for creating a highly noticeable image that gets your mail opened.

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