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Connect 500w
Introducing the SendPro P1500


The SendPro P1500 offers something previously unseen with the SendPro series. Marrying the efficient Weigh-on-the-Way (WoW) performance of the DM475 with the versatility and innovation of the SendPro P1000, this machine bridges the gap between the low and high-volume mailing. Bringing you the best of both worlds, it offers high-speed WoW capabilities as well as an intuitive app-based design and the option for either black and white or full-color envelope printing.

Note: The SendPro P1500 was previously branded as the Connect+ 500w.





What’s New?


Proposed Postal Rate Increase Includes 5¢ Discount for Meter Users

The USPS proposal for rate increases currently pending for Jan 27 2019 includes plans to increase the price of postage on a standard First Class Letter from $0.50 to $0.55. However, the current proposal also includes a discount of 5¢ per piece for meter-based mail, a substantial increase from the current 3¢ discount current meter users enjoy. You can more information about the proposed changes here.


If you’d like to get a jump start on taking advantage of these new aggressive discounts contact us via mail, phone, fax or email and stay tuned for postal rate change updates as January approaches.

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